Summary of the Bible and Bible prophecy

Putting it all together – a short summary of the prophecies discussed in this book, and the story of Creation and history of the world

This is a fast, birds eye view of the bible and the events foretold by God.

This is the world we live in today.

This page is a summary of this "Little Book of Prophecy and Truth" that will hopefully tie it all together and give readers a “big picture” look at what the Word of God tells us. All of the points made here are proven by scripture in detail within the book (and this web site) and should be studied out on your own. I encourage anyone reading this to take the time necessary to read and study every scripture I quote in this book and let the Lord lead you to His truth on your own. As I state in my introduction, this is just my notes that I have put together during my studies and organized in a fashion that I hope is understandable and helps others to learn and grow as I have in the knowledge of the Lord.

Remember, all of these points are discussed in detail and proven with scripture in this book and in the Bible. This is just a quick summary.

The Story of the Bible

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The Story of Creation and the history of the Bible in a quick summary
In the beginning, God. Before all things in creation, there was God.
It was the human form of Jesus, who is the image of God, that He used as the blueprint for His design
He put Adam and Eve in the beautiful Garden of Eden
Because of their disobedience, God expelled them from the garden and changed things in the world
We know that Adam and Eve had many children (Genesis 5:4), but we're only told about three of them
Sin began to rule in the hearts of men
By the year 1550 AA (after Adam) there was only evil continually in the hearts of men and the earth was filled with violence
God destroyed the earth, but thanks to Noah he spared mankind - year 1656 AA
The year 1946 AA, a man named Abraham was born
Abraham loved the Lord so God chose Abraham to be the father of a people for Himself (Israel)
Around the year 2500 AA, God brought the Israelites out of Egypt and led them to the promised land
God used Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt
God brought Israel into the promised land (the promise He made to Abraham)
450 years of Judges
Then, they wanted a king like other peoples around them had
The next 500 years, the time of the Kings (2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles)
Approximately 600 BC (3400 AA), the time of the Babylonian captivity
PROPHECY OF DANIEL - the line of kings from Babylon to the return of Jesus
The prophecy of Daniel's 70 weeks
 From Abraham to Joseph 250 years
Joseph to Moses approx 200 years (about 400 years total from Abraham to the Exodus)
Moses to David 450 years
David to Daniel approx 500 years
Daniel to Jesus about 600 years
4000 AA - 0 BC/AD - Jesus Christ was born
 He was then taken up into heaven and is now the "right hand of power" of God, where He is the body of God, the image of the invisible God, the Express image of Gods person
70 AD Jerusalem and Temple destroyed
John imprisoned on Isle of Patmos for his faith in Jesus
The "things which must shortly come to pass"
 2000 years from Adam to Abraham
2000 years from Abraham to Jesus
2000 year from Jesus to now (last day)
2000 years after Christ (NOW) - The time of the antichrist and false prophet
Jesus returns and treads the winepress of the wrath of God
Jesus sets up His kingdom on earth with us to rule and reign with Him for 1000 years
 After the 1000 years is finished, the devil is destroyed along with the remaining wicked people who follow the devil
 7000 years total
Eternity with God - into the next part of His glorious plan!

A summary of Prophecies and what to expect in the coming days

God told us many things about His plan in symbolic terms before they happen so that we would know what to expect. Many, many prophecies were given about Christ and about the times after Him all the way to the end of Gods plan and into eternity where He will dwell among us forever. [see Book 1]

I won't go into all of the specific prophecies in this summary but will pull them together to look at the plan as God has stated it in many different ways. There are many prophecies that tie into other prophecies and have common intersection points and common end points. [see Chapter 10]

The big picture starts in the book of Daniel where we are given a time frame of 490 years. The prophecy is split in parts in the scriptures where from the time after the Babylonian captivity from when Jerusalem was restored and rebuilt, to the Messiah is 483 years, and then another 7 year period that has yet to happen. Revelation gives us another look at the birth of Christ, the devils attempt to kill Him at His birth, and then a jump to the last years where the devil is thrown to earth and the time of the Great Tribulation comes upon the world. Daniel and Revelation also give us a lot of information about what the world will look like in terms of the nations of the world and religions of the world that will exist at the end time, and what the antichrist and false prophet will do to deceive the whole world (except for the Saints of God) at the end time. [see Chapters 7, 8, 10 and other parts of Book 1]

A quick look at the prophecies leading up to today

After the time of Jesus, some of the prophecies given by Jesus while He was here on earth came to pass. Like the destruction of the Temple by the Romans. [see Chapters 2 and 3]

After that, the spirits of Catholicism, Capitalism, Communism and Islam are sent into the world (the first four seals). During the last 1700 years or so, these spirits have been working. This is very important to understand. These spirits control the majority of the world today. [see Chapter 5]

Then in the last approximately 100 years we might have seen some of the Trumpets with World War 1, World War 2, the Chernobyl nuclear accident and the shortening of the days (the first four trumpets). There has been more death in the last 100 years than in the entire history of man, since the flood; due to wars, abortions, accidents like Chernobyl, etc. [see Chapter 6]

The next events that may or may not have already happened are the fifth seal and fifth trumpet. The fifth seal is the souls under the altar are told to rest just a little longer. Some people teach that the fifth trumpet could have been the gulf war, but I've found that it is not (all aspects of an event we think might be fulfillment of prophecy have to fit perfectly or it is NOT that event). [see Chapters 5 and 6]

What we're waiting for in the near future

The sixth trumpet will also sound at some point, but it's not certain if it will be before or after the Confirmation of the Covenant. This is a war that will kill a third of mankind, very likely to be World War 3. [see Chapter 6, 7 and 8]

The event we're looking for right now, that could happen any day, is the Confirmation of the Covenant. The confirmation of the covenant is this: there will be an international agreement to confirm the status of Jerusalem and the permanent borders of Israel. These things are being fought over right now with the Palestinians. The bible says that the Antichrist will confirm the covenant along with many others for 7 years. This event will be the beginning of the last 7 years of Daniels 490 years. It may be hard to identify the Antichrist at that time because he will be just one of many. [see Chapters 7 and 8]

Approximately 8 months (.7 years) after the Confirmation of the Covenant, the Antichrist will begin to take over the world. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

The Antichrist and the false prophet will team up around this time. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

The Jewish temple will be rebuilt and animal sacrifices will be resumed by the Jews. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

Jerusalem will be “surrounded by armies”, which is likely a picture of it being policed by UN and/or other forces to force peace in the Middle East. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

In the midst of this last 7 years (three and one half years in), the Antichrist will cause the animal sacrifices being performed in the rebuilt temple to cease, and will cause the “abomination of desolation” by either claiming to be God or acting in the place of God. That is when we will definitely know who he is. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

The false prophet will cause the world to worship the Antichrist. This will be made possible by the power given him by the devil himself. He will perform miracles before the world, like pulling fire from the sky. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

God's two witnesses will begin their prophecy at this time. They will not be able to be killed for the whole 3.5 years but will be killed at the very end. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

The bible tells us that they (the world) shall say, “peace and safety”. This is the call of the New World Order. The Antichrist will come in the name of peace to take over the world, and the bible says that the people of the world will be thinking they've finally made it, reveling and partying, proclaiming that mankind has finally done it and brought peace to the world! [see Chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10]

The Antichrist will implement what's called the mark of the beast. It will very likely be a RFID type of system. They can put a chip under your skin today and they even have a tattoo ink that is RFID capable, so maybe that will be utilized. What's certain is that this will be forced upon all people and you won't be able to get a job, buy food, go to the doctor, have a bank account, or pretty much have any way to “buy or sell” unless you submit. This will undoubtedly come with some sort of oath or pledge of allegiance to the Antichrist and his government. It may even mean conversion to Islam. This will also be a superhighway straight to hell. Any person who takes the mark of the beast is condemned by God. It will be a horrible time for the people who worship the one true God, Jesus Christ. This is what is termed as the Great Tribulation. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

The Antichrist will “cause craft to prosper”. He will “understand dark sentences”. There will very likely be many people who will start to use dark and evil power to perform sorcery and witchcraft. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

What will the world of the end time look like?

The nations of the end time

The empires of the world from Babylon to today were foretold and since we live in a time where history proves what those prophecies were, we have the unique pleasure of seeing prophecy unfold. [see Chapters 4, 7, 8 and 10]

Daniel gives us two symbolic pictures of the end time governments.

  1. In one perspective we see that there will be 4 kingdoms in existence at the end time and they will exist when Jesus returns, conquers them, and sets up His kingdom on the earth. These kingdoms mentioned specifically are Britain, Russia, Germany, and the final government of the New World Order that the Antichrist will rule. [see Chapter 4]

  2. In the other perspective we see that the Medes and the Persians rule after Babylon, then the Greek empire, then the Roman, and finally the Holy Roman / Islamic Ottoman co-empires. Both of these final empires together comprised the total area controlled by the Roman Empire. From the Bible and history we learn that the final Antichrist empire will be a revived version of the empire that succeeds the Roman Empire. [see Chapter 7]

The bible tells us that this final (divided, co-empire) will be used as the world government of the Antichrist and his false prophet. The Antichrist will bring the Muslim world together, reviving the Ottoman empire, while the false prophet will bring in Europe, reviving the Holy Roman empire, and the two will unite them as one. The bible tells us that the Antichrist will rule the whole world, but it also says that during this last 3.5 years he will be fighting wars as he conquers more and more nations. Not all nations will fall under his rule in so short a time (the area which is now Jordan is one that is specifically mentioned to “escape out of his hand”, among others), but he will rule the last world dominating empire. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

The religion of the end time

The religion of the end time will be one where the false prophet will deceive the whole world and cause the world to worship the Antichrist by doing miracles such as pulling fire from the sky. This religion already exists but will be made universal by the power given the Antichrist and the false prophet by the devil. The bible doesn't specifically tells us what that religion will be called, but we can determine what it will be by looking at the facts. The world is pretty much dominated by Christianity and Islam. While Hinduism, Atheism and Communism make up most of the remainder, it doesn't look like they will play much of a role in the end time. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

Christianity today is full of churches proclaiming that all religions worship the same God and therefore we should embrace them. The Catholic church promotes that idea with Interfaith doctrine and goes as far as to state in the Catechism that the Muslims worship the same God as Christianity and therefore will enjoy the same salvation equally. This means that they think it doesn't matter if you're a Christian or a Muslim and that you can find salvation through either religion. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

The Muslims, on the other hand, have no such belief. In fact, Muslim doctrine teaches that Jesus is just a prophet, not the manifestation of God in the flesh, and that He will return at the end time to teach Christians the Muslim way and convert them. The prophecies of the Bible and the Muslim prophecies concerning the Antichrist (the Muslim Mahdi) and the false prophet (the Muslim Jesus) mirror each other but the good guys of Islam are the bad guys of the Bible. This is a very good indication that the Antichrist will rise as the Mahdi of Islam and will unite the Christian world with him via the false prophet and create a global Islamic religion. The bible tells us that this end time religion will be forced upon people or they will be killed if they refuse. The Muslim prophecies tell us that the Muslims will kill any who won't convert to Islam. [see Chapters 7, 8 and 10]

What then?

Then, “sudden destruction shall come upon them”. With a shout, with the sound of a trumpet, Jesus will come with power and glory as the lightning comes from the east to the west. The whole world will see him. The Lord will return and He will reap His own, gathering them up to Him in the clouds, and then the wrath of God will be poured out on the world. [see Chapters 9 and 10]

When Jesus touches down on the Mount of Olives it will split and the world will shake with the greatest earthquake the world has never seen. It will rock the entire world and Rome will be destroyed. [see Chapter 10]

He will wipe out the armies gathered for the Battle of Armageddon and will set up the Kingdom of God and will reign on the earth with His saints for 1000 years. [see Chapter 10]

There will be unsaved people remaining alive on the earth. [see Chapter 10]

The Antichrist and the false prophet are tossed into the lake of fire. [see Chapter 10]

Satan is bound for the 1000 years. [see Chapter 10]

After 1000 years Satan is loosed and again deceives the people of the earth and comes against God only to be wiped out with fire from heaven. [see Chapter 10]

Judgment day. [see Chapter 10]

New heavens and new earth. [see Chapter 10]

The chosen saints will dwell with Jesus forever. [see Chapter 10]

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