What's in the missing section of the puzzle?

Only reading part of the Bible and claiming to understand it is like putting part of a puzzle together, with a big hole in the middle, and claiming to know what's in the missing section even though you've never seen the completed picture.

In order to truly understand the Bible, we have to let the Bible interpret itself.  We can't surmise what we think it might mean or interpret it in our own way.

We absolutely can not take things out of context and expect to really understand what God told us.

This picture could contain another island with a palm tree on it in the missing section and I could even tell you it did if I wanted to lie to you.  How would you know if you've never seen the completed picture?

My point is that you can't know if a teacher or preacher is lying to you unless you read the Bible for yourself!

Now, if you've read part of the Bible, like you can see part of this picture, you can see little clues about what's in the missing part...

  • There's some water splashing on the lower right side
  • There's a shadow on the water beside the splashing water
  • There's pieces of something sticking out of the blurred section on the right and the top

So you might even be able to guess at what's there but how can you be sure without seeing the picture?

Same with the Bible.  If we've read part of the Bible we can begin to guess at what the rest of it says, but do we really want to do that?  We could be missing some life-or-death information.  Literally!

If you haven't read the Bible, please pick it up today and start reading...

Get the whole picture!

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