Chapter 27 - The flood of Genesis changed a lot more than we think.

When God broke up the fountains of the great deep and opened the windows of heaven, we had a storm like no other storm!  Have you ever heard of or seen a geyser that spews hot scalding water because of the pressure from the tremendous heat under the surface that causes it to release periodically?  Have you heard about the massive, huge fields of lava flow that scientists can’t explain?  The fountains of the great deep erupted with tremendous heat!  When the windows of heaven were opened, for the first time in the history of the earth, the super cold of space (459.6 degrees below zero) came down into our atmosphere.  You probably know that when a cold front meets a warm front that there’s going to be some stormy weather, right?  Imagine what happened when that super frigid cold met with super heated water, lava and air?  The surface of this planet was caught in a storm that makes a hurricane look like a single little harmless rain cloud.

For an animal to be frozen in place, like they have found, it can’t happen with just a little snow storm.  To be frozen in stride while running, or with food in their mouth, the temperature had to be at least 300 below zero and it had to happen really fast.  The windows of heaven were opened and the layer of water came raining down in a rainstorm like never seen, and the super cold of space froze everything when the cold air met the surface of the planet.

The ice sheets from this event were massive sheets of ice that came all the way down to Kansas City.  There are washouts and objects left behind and all kinds of evidence that scientists haven’t been able to explain that are easily explained when we understand what happened.

For a footprint in the mud to be baked into stone, like we find all over the earth, there has to be some major heat, like when you “fire” a clay pot to make it stone.  The fountains of the great deep created massive scalding water and superheated steam everywhere it came out!  It baked the ground where the giant reptiles were running and baked and hardened the footprints that we see in Texas and many, many other places on the earth.

The evidence of mass extinction that the scientists can’t explain is easy to understand when we understand the magnitude and destruction of the flood waters and the extreme temperatures.  Science can’t explain why we find mammoths in Florida and all types of animals all over the earth.  The earth was the same over the entire surface before this event so the animals were everywhere, that’s why!

Scientific data has proven that the magnetic poles took 6 violent swings about 4000 years ago.  Ice at 300 degrees below zero or colder is magnetic!  When the super cold from space froze the water it became magnetic and aligned itself over the magnetic poles of the planet.  It’s no surprise that the thickest and coldest ice formed at the poles and spread toward the equator.  The sun has been melting away the ice sheets for 4400 years but the poles are still the coldest because the layer of water that stabilized the atmospheric temperature is gone and the sun is warmest at the equator as we know it to be today.

Remember the Geologic Column that doesn’t exist?  The layers of the earth are so easy to understand when we know what the flood waters did to the earth.  It didn’t take millions of years to lay down the layers, it just took a whole lot of water, and the flood explains why the layers have so many bends and twists; they were made while the ground was still soft and pliable.

The ice sheets have been melting ever since then!  Global Warming?

Politicians and scientists today are trying to scare us with “Global Warming”, saying it’s the fault of mankind that the ice is melting and the ozone is going away.  Despite the hundreds of scientists that actually deny that global warming is even a reality, the politicians try to convince us that it’s our fault.  Money and power and a global agenda are the main reasons for this, but let’s just let that go for now.  Ever since the ice sheets were formed, they have been melting away!

Just for your information, the ozone is created by the sun.  When the suns rays hit the O2 molecules in the atmosphere some of them break in two and the resultant oxygen atoms then attach to other O2 molecules turning them into O3, which is ozone.  The sun creates ozone!  The methane gas that’s supposed to be made by man and destroying the ozone is actually found in massive clouds above the jungles of the world (Nature Magazine Jan. 2006).  The plants produce it.  Incidentally, the ozone is thinner at the poles where there is less sun light.  There’s no “hole” that man is creating, it’s just naturally thinner because the sun doesn’t shine there!

The oceans used to be a lot shallower and data shows that the ocean levels have been rising for as long as it has been being recorded.  The ice has been melting for 4400 years and the ocean levels have been rising as the ice melts.  There are entire cities under the ocean waters.  Why?  A few thousand years ago they built the city on the edge of the ocean and over a few hundred years it got buried by rising sea levels.

Scientific American, March 1997, has an article about how there is a whole lot of evidence that huge areas of land, now under water, were exposed in the past.

Nature magazine, December 2004, shows that the arctic was balmy in the past and evidence that the whole planet was covered with vegetation.  Remember the buried forests I mentioned earlier?  There have been many of these discovered all over the earth, including in the arctic!

The ice is definitely melting, but it has nothing to do with human beings.

What do the fossil records show us?

When a flood happens, all the dead tree limbs and garbage floats to the top and gets left up on the high ground when the water recedes.  Ever notice that?  Well, there are fossilized sea shells and all kinds of junk on the tops of mountains.  Yep, you heard me right.  Sea shells are all over the top of Mt Everest and all mountain chains.  There are massive bone yards found around the mountain chains.  Many places have huge amounts of bones all jumbled together, just as if they were mixed up and tossed around and dumped there.  Kind of like they were all killed off in a massive stormy flood that lasted about a year and then receded, leaving all the remains behind in clumps.

Understanding that the world was a different place before the flood and what happened at the time of the flood makes all the difference in the world to our understanding of the fossil records and bones that have been found and why there are giant bones, and why there were animals frozen instantly and how things got so jumbled up and whole buried forests and all of the things science can’t explain!  It’s not so hard to understand when we know what caused it all!

In Glen Rose, Texas, they found the footprint of a human being inside the foot print of a dinosaur.  If dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago and man did not evolve until the last few million years as they say, how in the world do you explain that???

Also, air trapped in the fossilized tree sap (Amber) shows that the atmosphere had 50% more oxygen than we have today.  The problem with that knowledge is that the scientists say that life could not evolve today because the oxygen content today is too high for early forms of bacteria to live.  It would be destroyed by it.  So, if it was even higher content in the past, how could life have evolved at all?

Check this out:  The fossil records contain the ground sloth with the whale, trees with fish, etc., etc.  There are so many different species buried together all over the earth that science can’t explain it at all!  The water buried everything and mixed it all up and dumped it on the mountains when it receded and sloshed around and moved everything.  It’s not surprising what they’ve found when you know what caused it.

Scientists try to convince people that petrifying takes millions of years in order to support their claims of the huge amounts of time involved.  Even though it’s a proven fact that it can happen in as little as a couple years, they still say that “it can also take millions of years”.  So, a prune left in a refrigerator for a year turns to stone, or an axe that got buried and turned to stone before it’s found again a couple years later, but the things we find buried in the earth that have turned to stone are “millions” of years in the making?  Who are they trying to convince?

Here’s another good one:  Have you ever heard that coal takes tens of thousands of years to be created?  Did you know that a piece of wood can turn to coal in as little as one year?  That’s another “science fact” down the tubes…

And how do you get a man made diamond that’s indistinguishable from the real thing if it takes millions of years and tremendous pressure to create a diamond?

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