Chapter 23 - What about the Dinosaurs? What are they?

When we talk about dinosaurs, it’s very important to understand what a dinosaur is.  The word dinosaur actually means; Terrible Lizard (Dinosaurus, genus name, from Greek deinos terrifying + sauros lizard).  The word did not even exist until the 1800’s.  Prior to this they were typically called dragons.  In Psalm 148 David refers to a creature called a “Dragon”.  Many cultures have “dragon” legends. 

As a side note, it’s interesting how they didn’t even know dinosaurs existed until the 1800’s (if they became extinct 65 million years ago as scientists say, they couldn’t possibly have known about them in the past), but there have been found many cave drawings that date back thousands of years that have pictures of Longnecks and other “dinosaurs”.  How could they have known about them to draw a picture?  We know a lot about lizards because we have many species of lizard that are alive and well today.  A “dinosaur” is simply a big lizard.

More ancient art and other proofs of knowledge of large reptiles (dinosaurs) and their existence along side humans...

ancient carving

ancient carving 2

ancient carving 3


ancient vase


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longNecks 2

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rockCarving 2

rockCarving 3

The first dinosaur bone ever found was an Iguanodon bone.  It looks exactly like an Iguana bone found in Iguanas today.  Thus the name Iguanodon.  Gideon A. Mantell (1790-1852) was an early British fossil hunter. He described and named the Iguanodon. Iguanodon's teeth and a few bones were found in 1822, in Sussex, (southern) England. The T-Rex skull incidentally looks a lot like a modern day Iguana skull.  The Triceratops they have in the Smithsonian Institute is made out of the bones of 14 different animals (National Geographic Dec 2000).  What???  They used the bones of 14 different animals to make a skeleton and call it a Triceratops and expect us to believe it is a “fact”!?  Sounds to me like they want it to be true so badly that they’re willing to fake it to make it seem real!

An important fact to this discussion is that all reptiles, no matter what species, never stop growing.  Humans and dogs and cats and other animals grow to a certain age and then stop growing.  Reptiles never do.  They grow every day they are alive no matter how old they get.  We’ll talk more about this later. (HINT) Before the flood, when men lived hundreds of years, so did lizards... they don't stop growing, ever... think about that for a minute.

A not very well known fact is that many of the dinosaurs thought to be extinct by 65 million years are still alive today!  Must really baffle the scientists who say they went extinct as part of the evolutionary process.  Especially since after “65 million years” they exhibit no sign of changing into anything else at all!  Where’s the “evolution”?

For example:

The Coelacanth is thought to have been one of the first creatures to crawl up to dry land and begin living on land instead of water about 70 million years ago.  Current Science magazine, January 8th, 1999 shows that they have found live Coelacanths.  Amazing eh?  And it looks exactly like the fossilized Coelacanths they have found!  Also, they’ve found that the Coelacanths cannot survive even in shallow water.  They must have deep water or they will die.  Makes one wonder how they survived to crawl up on land and become the first land dwelling creature?

A Megamouth shark was caught in Hawaii in 1976.  These also supposedly died off 65 million years ago.  I remind you that these things are taught as science facts!

A Plesiosaur was found washed up on the beach in Santa Cruise in 1925.  This is a giant “sea monster”.  The kind that has a long neck and swims with its head above water.

An elephant with a hump on its head was filmed by a tourist in recent years but was supposed to have died off at the last ice age.

Trilobites and graptolites are what they call an “index fossil”.  They’re supposed to have evolved from bacteria from 4 billion years ago and went extinct 500 million years ago.  They are supposed to be our ancestor.  They call it an index fossil because if they find fossils with trilobites then they “know” that the fossil is approximately 500 million years old and they use that to determine the age of the strata layer it was found in.  The major problem with this is that they’ve found living graptolites!  They’ve also found fossils with known modern materials along with trilobites.  How in the world do you account for that and still say that they can be used to determine the age of anything?

My point here is that the scientists really don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.  They don’t really “know” anything. 1 Cor 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God...

In Likovala swamp in Africa the local tribes will look at a picture of a Longneck dinosaur and call it Mokele-mbembe.  They are alive and well in this 55,000 square mile swamp.  They killed one and ate it once but everyone who ate the meat died so they don’t touch them any more.  They aren’t that big, only like a large elephant with a long neck and tail.  We’ll discuss the size of animals further later on.

Check out this video on living dinosaurs!

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