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08-09-2020 = theGrayAreas
The Gray Areas...

07-19-2020 = theCatholicChurch
The Origin of the Catholic Church and Catholic Prophecy - eNewsletter

07-03-2020 = heThatOvercometh
He That Overcometh

06-14-2020 = whyAntichristIsMuslim
Why is the Antichrist a Muslim, according to Bible prophecy?

06-01-2020 = islamicArgumentsAboutJesusPartTwo
Islam says Jesus was not God, Part Two.

05-13-2020 = islamicArgumentsAboutJesus
Islam says Jesus was not God, that He was never worshiped in the Bible.

04-26-2020 = bibletruthInfoTimeLine
The Timeline of the Bible from Creation to Revelation

04-11-2020 = conspiracyTheories
Coronavirus! COVID-19!

03-07-2020 = covid-19Coronavirus
How should we, as Christians, react to the Coronavirus?

09-15-2019 = BibleReadingPlan
Join us for a Bible reading plan to read the Bible in one year!

06-08-2019 = misInformed

05-04-2019 = slavesInEgypt
Why did God send Joseph into slavery and prison, and then brought his family to Egypt only to be enslaved by the Egyptians later on?

04-01-2019 = neverTrustYourHeart
Never Trust Your Own Heart

12-16-2018 = JesusIdentityAndSalvationVideos
Two new videos and a look at Enoch's 10 weeks prophecy

11-01-2018 = theWrathOfGod
Why, Who, What and When is the Wrath of God?

09-17-2018 = newVideos
I'm starting on a project to create videos for all of my Bible studies and major articles, and I've added a web page where they are all accessible for easy viewing!

08-08-2018 = sabbathDayAndTheLaw
Are the 10 commandments and the Sabbath day part of the law of Moses (Mosaic Law)?

07-28-2018 = canWeAcceptJesus
Do we "accept Christ"? Or, do we Love Him?

06-30-2018 = thePowerOfGod
Do you ever doubt God?

05-14-2018 = isSelfDefenseUnGodly
Is it wrong to defend your home? Is Israel wrong for defending their borders from violent rioters?

05-08-2018 = noahWasAGreatPreacher
Have you ever heard that Noah was a bad preacher but was a great boat builder?

04-13-2018 = interfaithDoctrine
Interfaithism? Is it real?

03-26-2018 = loveGodWithAllYourHeart
Mark 12:29 And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: 30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

02-11-2018 = BibleIQapp
I've created a FREE mobile app for your phone or tablet called Bible IQ.

01-14-2018 = theFourHorsemenGreenHorse
Islam is predicted in the Fourth Seal of Revelation as part of what's known as "The Four Horsemen of Revelation".

01-01-2018 = obedienceNotPerfection
Does God need perfection for Him to use us for His work and His glory?

10-26-2017 = battleForTheCaliphate
Lie Lie Lie... what Islamic factions are doing today to ensure they get to be the ones who establish the End Time Caliphate.

10-15-2017 = howSoonIsEndTime
How Soon Is The End Time? When is the End of the World?

10-12-2017 = forHisGoodPleasure
The Lord created everything for His good pleasure.

09-21-2017 = jewishFeastsAndProphecy
How the Israeli/Jewish Feasts fit in Biblical Prophecy

09-14-2017 = fornicationAndSexualSin
Sexual Sin in the Bible

08-26-2017 = theMuslimJesus
The Muslim Jesus and the coming One World Religion

08-23-2017 = gogAndMagogWar
The Gog and Magog War

08-21-2017 = trustJesusAlways
Always Trust in Jesus

08-11-2017 = Jude
The Book of Jude

08-01-2017 = canWeDepartFromTheFaith
Once saved, always saved; Eternal salvation; Reprobates and Apostates; Falling Away; Drawing Back

06-21-2017 = lastDaysBeLike
Are we in the Last Days? Is it truly the End Time?

06-05-2017 = definitionOfSuccess
What is your definition of success in this life?

04-28-2017 = obeyGodKnowPeace
Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace...

04-10-2017 = confirmationOfTheConvenant
Russia's Putin says he recognizes West Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. This is definitely something to watch as it aligns with much Biblical Prophecy!

03-18-2017 = willManAbolishDisease
Will mankind ever abolish disease?

03-17-2017 = myLordsPrayer
My personal version of the Lords prayer.

03-05-2017 = supernaturalDumbness
Have you noticed how the deceived seem to be victim of a supernatural dumbness?

02-24-2017 = JesusKingofKingsLordofLords
What should our relationship with Jesus be? Is He King and Lord over your life?

01-15-2017 = repentanceIsNecessary
Is repentance necessary?

01-08-2017 = JudgementDaySecondChance
Will there be a second chance at Judgment day?

12-31-2016 = readTheWholeBible
Why it's so important to read the whole Bible!

12-24-2016 = modernNationsVsDaniel7-
The "kings" of the modern world in comparison to the kings of Daniel 7.

12-11-2016 = forsakeFatherMother
Did Jesus teach that we should hate our parents?

12-10-2016 = doctorsInTheBible
What does the Bible say about doctors?

12-04-2016 = powerInJesusName
The Power of the Name of Jesus!

11-24-2016 = theLastDay
The meaning and timing of the "last day"

11-19-2016 = ConclusionOfTheWholeMatter
What is the Conclusion of the Whole Matter?

11-13-2016 = whoIsJesus
Who is Jesus Christ? - eNewsletter

11-12-2016 = theStoryOfTheBible
The Story of the Bible - eNewsletter

11-09-2016 = lovingKindness
Understanding the loving kindness of the Lord!

11-07-2016 = ISIS-threats
ISIS once again issues threats and commands it's followers to act on Election day!

10-30-2016 = mercifulLord
Our Gracious Heavenly Father!

10-29-2016 = ElijahAndHell
What did Jesus mean when He said Elijah had already come? Was he reincarnated? He never died! (And what is this place called "hell"?)

10-26-2016 = theChoice
Why does God not reveal Himself to the world?

10-23-2016 = IsraelLoveOrHate
Israel... should we love and honor Israel or hate it?

10-18-2016 = JudgeNot
Judge Not, lest ye be judged!

09-25-2016 = SoMuchDeception
There is SO MUCH DECEPTION in the world today!!!

09-18-2016 = TheMysteryOfGod
What and WHY is the mystery of God?

09-11-2016 = Watch

09-01-2016 = WhoIsTheAntichrist
Who is the Antichrist?

07-25-2016 = theDeception
The Deception

07-12-2016 = CatholicProphecy
Now, this is the kicker... the cement that holds it all together... this shows us how it will all happen...

06-25-2016 = aFriendOfTheWorld
A Friend of the World?

06-06-2016 = ModerateMuslims
The three types of moderate Muslims:

05-30-2016 = twoBillionDead
Two Billion Dead?

05-24-2016 = Theology-vs-Philosophy
Theology vs. Philosophy

05-21-2016 = theSacrificeOfPraise
The Sacrifice of Praise!

04-12-2016 = BaptismImportance
Why is baptism important?

03-08-2016 = MarksofaFalseTeacher
7 Marks of a False Teacher

02-24-2016 = theBibleDoesNotSayThat
The Bible doesn't say that! (adding to vs taking away)

02-03-2016 = DanielTwo-vs-DanielSeven
Are Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 parallel prophecies?

01-01-2016 = ContextInTheBible
What is true context when reading the Bible?

12-13-2015 = WhatIsRightNowInProphecy
What's going on Right Now, in Biblical Prophecy? - eNewsletter

12-06-2015 = Can-I-Be-Saved
Can I be saved if I'm a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Buddhist?

11-14-2015 = Enoch
What is the book of Enoch? (eNewsletter)

10-11-2015 = WhatIsThisLifeFor
What's this life for?

10-02-2015 = failedProphecy
In regards to what are now obviously incorrect prophecies that professed so many stated fulfillments, from the rapture to armageddon, in September 2015.

08-20-2015 = HowShouldChristiansLive
How should a Christian live his or her life?

03-21-2015 = unBiblicalButBelieved
9 Unbiblical Statements That Bible-Loving Christians Believe

11-28-2014 = twoThingsYouNeedToKnow
Two important things that will affect your near future!

09-13-2014 = WonderfulCreationOfGod
The Wonderful Creation of God and Eternity with Him!

08-12-2014 = leftBehind
Who will be left behind?

06-27-2014 = goodMuslim-goodAmerican
Can a good Muslim be a good American (or European, or African, or Indian, etc.)?

05-17-2014 = originOfTheCatholicChurch
The Origin of the Catholic Church - eNewsletter

04-11-2014 = falseProphets-falseTeachers
A Word on False Prophets and False Teachers.

04-03-2014 = isTheReturnOfChristImminent
Even today the return of Christ is not imminent.

11-08-2013 = TheAntichristIsAMan
The Antichrist is a man.

09-17-2013 = PopeFrancis
Pope Francis says you don't have to believe in God to make it to heaven.

08-31-2013 = WheatAndTheTares
The Wheat and the Tares.


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